Andrey Kostianoy

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Sea surface temperature (SST) derived from the weekly measurements made by the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometers (AVHRR) of NOAA satellites was used to investigate the structure and space-time variability of large-scale fronts in the Southern Indian Ocean (30–60jS and 20–150jE) during the period of 1997–1999. Monthly SST gradient maps provided an(More)
In this paper, we describe the ALTICORE (value added satellite ALTImetry in COastal REgions) initiative, a consortium aiming at providing high quality coastal altimetry over some European seas. Taking the Ligurian Sea in the NW Mediterranean as an example, which acts as a test zone for this work, we show the improvement in availability and quality of(More)
A coastal-oriented processing strategy has been developed in the Northwestern part of the Mediterranean Sea and has showed that improved altimetry in the costal ocean is feasible and could be extended to other regions. In this work, we will provide an overview of current capabilities and challenges of existing altimetry products in Black, Caspian, White and(More)
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