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Megastore is a storage system developed to meet the requirements of today's interactive online services. Megas-tore blends the scalability of a NoSQL datastore with the convenience of a traditional RDBMS in a novel way, and provides both strong consistency guarantees and high availability. We provide fully serializable ACID semantics within fine-grained(More)
The complete chemical synthesis of an E. coli tRNA(Ala) with its specific minor nucleosides, dihydrouridine, ribothymidine and pseudouridine, is reported. The method makes use of protected 2'-O-tertiobutyldimethylsilyl-ribonucleoside-3'-O-(2-cyanoethyl-N- ethyl-N- methyl)phosphoramidites. The exocyclic amino functions of the bases were protected by the(More)
Stream processing systems receive continuous streams of messages with raw information and produce streams of messages with processed information. The utility of a stream-processing system depends, in part, on the accuracy and timeliness of the output. Streams in complex event processing systems are processed on distributed systems; several steps are taken(More)
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