Andrey I. Panas

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Impulsive synchronization of chaotic dynamic systems has some important applications to chaotic secure communication and chaotic spread-spectrum communication systems. In this paper we present some experimental results on impulsive synchronization between two Chua’s circuits. In our experiments, only one synchronizing impulse sequence is transmitted. The(More)
Basics of the theory of direct chaotic communications is presented. We introduce the notion of chaotic radio pulse and consider signal structures and modulation methods applicable in direct chaotic schemes. Signal processing in noncoherent and coherent receivers is discussed. The efficiency of direct chaotic communications is investigated by means of(More)
In this paper, the UWB RF transceiver architecture based on a direct chaotic communication system is introduced for wireless headset applications. The direct chaotic communication technology can realize excellent low data rate UWB communication. The low power RF transceiver with chaotic UWB signal of 3 GHz /spl sim/ 5 GHz is implemented for MP3 audio(More)
At present, active search for possible chaos applications goes. However to apply dynamical chaos, it is necessary to have signal sources generating chaotic signals. As is known, chaotic oscillators play the role of the sources. Now, there is a large variety of chaotic oscillators which differ from each other by both the structure and elements, and which(More)
The ultra wide band (UWB) Direct Chaotic Communication (DCC) technology is considered in application to low bit rate information transmission. Performances of low bit rate DCC are discussed. In particular we pay attention to the effect of multipath processing. The implementation and experimental verification of basic elements for low bit rates DCC are also(More)
In the report, a ring-structure oscillation system composed of microchip amplifiers and capable of generating ultrawideband microwave chaotic signal in 3 – 5 GHz band is considered, basic oscillation mode dynamics of output signal is described, the fact of the chaotic generation is shown, experimental generator testbeds based on lumped elements are(More)