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The basic tasks of research administration are the registration and monitoring of projects execution. Currently, in Russia there are no centralized solutions for that purpose because of different requirements and regulations in national scientific foundations. The Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation initiated a pilot project for creating(More)
—Nowadays data compressors are applied to many problems of text analysis, but many such applications are developed outside of the framework of mathematical statistics. In this paper we overcome this obstacle and show how several methods of classical mathematical statistics can be developed based on applications of the data compressors.
After the fall of the USSR in 1990, there was a steady stagnation of Russian science for 15 years. The restoration started in 2006 after the government introduced new science policies with funds depending on the research assessment. As it follows from this paper, the trends of publication activity in Russia have changed after that. On the other hand, the(More)
This paper gives a review of foreign and Russian publications on the application of cloud technologies in the work of libraries. The advantages and disadvantages of introducing cloud computing in library practice are analyzed. The opinions of library staff on cloud technologies and the potential for their use is presented. The experience of the most popular(More)
This paper investigates the issues of the automated construction of distributed data-acquisition systems using a formalized description of a domain. Techniques for the creation of ontological descriptions are reviewed. A new method for domain ontology construction is proposed. Object, relational, and hierarchical software models are developed based on it. A(More)
The currently existing webometric rankings and methods of their analysis are focused primarily on the quantitative measurement of the contents of websites and almost completely ignore the study of the user audience (web traffic). In a pilot project the traffic of ten websites of scientific organizations has been studied with the emphasis on web-traffic(More)
This paper introduces a new technology of information systems creation based on the declarative descriptions of document collections in RDF. This approach is intended to improve the quality of information published on Web and the interaction between various web-applications. In this framework a model of the document generation is presented, a pictorial(More)
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