Andrey Gorshenin

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The paper deals with an example of real information technology developed for the examination of specific structures of plasma turbulence by the spectral analysis. The mathematical basis is a probabilistic approach using a special simulation algorithm to construct sample for the probabilistic modeling. To describe the fine structure of stochastic processes,(More)
We present a general transfer theorem for random sequences with independent random indexes in the double array limit setting. We also prove its partial inverse providing necessary and sufficient conditions for the convergence of randomly indexed random sequences. Special attention is paid to the cases of random sums of independent not necessarily(More)
The investigation of brain activity is one of the most important fields in modern medicine. One of most popular experimental techniques is the so-called method of evoked potentials: the subject repeatedly makes some movements whereas brain activity and some auxiliary signals are recorded for further analysis. The key problem is the determination of points(More)
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