Andrey Gavrilyuk

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A new species, Ericydnus novosibiricus sp. n., is described. The main characters differentiating the new species from the similar E. longicornis Dalman are as follows: female—fore wing noticeably shortened, with almost normally developed veins and rounded apex, marginal vein longer than postmarginal vein, 6th flagellar segment slightly longer than wide,(More)
456 Trophobiotic relationships have been found between ants and representatives of four insect orders: Homoptera (families Aphididae, Coccidae, Pseudococcidae, Membracidae, Cicadellidae, and Aleyrodidae), Lepidoptera (Lycaenidae), Heteroptera (Plataspidae, Coreidae, and Pentatomidae), and Hymenoptera (Blasticotomidae) [8, 12, 13]. In exchange for the sweet(More)
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