Andrey G. Sacramento

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We report the whole-genome sequence (WGS) of an in vitro susceptible derivative revertant mutant from a bloodstream isolate involved in a nosocomial outbreak in Brazil. The WGS comprises 2.5 Mb with 2,500 protein-coding sequences, 16rRNA genes, and 60 tRNA genes.
Lara M. de Almeida, Maria Rita E. de Araújo, Marta F. Iwasaki, Andrey G. Sacramento, Darlan Rocha, Leila P. da Silva, Mónica Pavez, Artemir C. de Brito, Laís Carolina S. Ito, Ana C. Gales, Nilton Lincopan, Jorge L. M. Sampaio, Elsa M. Mamizuka Department of Clinical Analysis, School of Pharmacy, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil; Laboratory of(More)
We report changes in the molecular epidemiology of vanA-containing Enterococcus during the intra and interhospital spread of high-risk clones, in Southeastern Brazil. While VRE faecalis predominated during 1998 to 2006, a reversal has been observed in the last years, where VRE faecium belonging to ST114, ST203, ST412, ST478 and ST858 have become endemic.
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