Andrey G Mikhaylov

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A few years ago, single molecule Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscope (FRET SNOM) images were demonstrated using CdSe semiconductor nanocrystal-dye molecules as donor-acceptor pairs. Corresponding experiments reveal the necessity to exploit much more photostable fluorescent centers for such an imaging technique to(More)
The specific interactions of the pairs laminin binding protein (LBP)-purified tick-borne encephalitis viral surface protein E and certain recombinant fragments of this protein, as well as West Nile viral surface protein E and certain recombinant fragments of that protein, are studied by combined methods of single-molecule dynamic force spectroscopy (SMDFS),(More)
Current thesis is devoted to the investigation of biopolymers using AFM, a well established and widely used technique. To begin with, we studied processing of AFM images and its automation. Our software product, DNA Trace, permit one to quickly extract scientifically meaningful data from a huge number of AFM scans. Then, this program enabled us to perform a(More)
The persistence length of cationic dendronized polymers adsorbed onto oppositely charged substrates was studied by atomic force microscopy (AFM) and quantitative image analysis. One can find that a decrease in the ionic strength leads to an increase of the persistence length, but the nature of the substrate and of the generation of the side dendrons(More)
The persistence length (PL) of dendronized polymers adsorbed on substrates was investigated by atomic force microscopy image analysis. Cationic dendronized polymers from generation 1 to 4 (PG1 PG4) were prepared in solutions with different electrolyte concentrations and subsequently adsorbed on mica, silica, gold, and highly oriented pyrolytic graphite(More)
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