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The Welfare Effects of Peer Entry in the Accommodation Market: The Case of Airbnb
We study the effects of enabling peer supply through Airbnb in the accommodation industry. We present a model of competition between flexible and dedicated sellers - peer hosts and hotels - whoExpand
The Determinants of Online Review Informativeness: Evidence from Field Experiments on Airbnb
It is found that reviews are typically informative but that negative experiences are underreported, and that social considerations also cause information loss in reputation systems. Expand
Search Frictions and the Design of Online Marketplaces
Online marketplaces increasingly act as intermediaries in labor, housing, dating, and other markets where traders match with each other. These marketplaces use novel data generated by users’Expand
The Welfare Economics of Default Options in 401(K) Plans
Default contribution rates for 401(k) pension plans powerfully influence workers’ choices. Potential causes include opt-out costs, procrastination, inattention, and psychological anchoring. WeExpand
Search, Matching, and the Role of Digital Marketplace Design in Enabling Trade: Evidence from Airbnb
Digital peer-to-peer marketplaces have increased the volume of trade in underutilized assets. I use the setting of Airbnb to investigate transaction costs in these markets and the role of searchExpand
Bias and Reciprocity in Online Reviews: Evidence From Field Experiments on Airbnb
It is shown that non-reviewers tend to have worse experiences than reviewers and that strategic reviewing behavior occurred on the Airbnb site, although the aggregate effect of the strategic behavior was relatively small. Expand
The Impact of Unemployment Insurance on Job Search: Evidence from Google Search Data
Abstract Job search is a key choice variable in theories of labor markets but is difficult to measure directly. We develop a job search activity index based on Google search data, the Google JobExpand
Consumer Protection in an Online World: An Analysis of Occupational Licensing
We study the effects of occupational licensing on consumer choices and market outcomes in a large online platform for residential home services. We exploit exogenous variation in the time at whichExpand
What Drives Job Search? Evidence from Google Search Data
The large-scale unemployment caused by the Great Recession has necessitated unprecedented increases in the duration of unemployment insurance (UI). While it is clear that the weekly payments areExpand
Reciprocity in Two-sided Reputation Systems: Evidence from an Experiment on Airbnb
Reciprocity in feedback may distort information and lead to inefficient outcomes in digital marketplaces. We analyze a large-scale field experiment on Airbnb in which the treatment was a simultaneousExpand