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Smartwatches are emerging as wrist-based computers capable of complex calculation and communication, and the computer science curriculum should reflect the challenges and opportunities that they provide in the education domain. This paper puts forth an experience report focused on efforts to incorporate smartwatches in an upper-level undergraduate mobile(More)
Large high-resolution displays combine high pixel density with ample physical dimensions.The combination of these factors creates a multiscale workspace where interactive targeting of on-screen objects requires both high speed for distant targets and high accuracy for small targets. Modern operating systems support implicit dynamic control-display gain(More)
Physical inactivity of the general population is a major public health concern in the US and around the world. Community-based interventions, with group dynamics strategies at the core, are effective at improving individual physical activity behaviors. The use of technologies such as smartwatches has potential to channel and amplify the underlying program(More)
Research suggests that different teaching styles and multiple exposures of different styles to material can aid in the learning process. While there are guidelines for identifying the best teaching style for material, new and evolving areas can present unique challenges. The emerging area of mobile software development, which combines aspects of software,(More)
This demo features smartwatch applications created by junior/senior CS students in a mobile development course. The course featured the Pebble smartwatch, with an e-ink display, vibrating motor, and accelerometer. Smartwatches enhance mobile device use by acting as a secondary display and providing immediate notifications, but designing for them has(More)
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