Andrey Dudin

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This work describes a symmetrical transformation approach for the state of charge control of a mixed-type energy storage system based on the modular multilevel converter. By decoupling of external and internal arm power flows the transformation offers a comprehensible insight into the state of the system. Storage unit current limitations are taken into(More)
This work proposes an approach to minimize the power losses of the Modular Multilevel Converter with MOSFET switches by applying a circulating current reference calculated using Lagrange multipliers. The optimized circulating current changes the loss distribution between the converter elements and improves the total converter efficiency. For the considered(More)
The report deals with the study of a scalar (real) and a vector (imaginary) parts of instantaneous power quaternion in frame of algebraic approach applied to the different types of three-phase resistance-reactance and nonlinear loads. The target is to determine the inactive components of the total AC electrical energy flows per time unit for current(More)
A control structure for the modular multilevel converter motor drive with integrated energy storage system (ESS) is described. The control approach uses the ESS to limit the cell capacitor voltages and to avoid circulating currents in the converter at low output frequencies.
Time domain optimization is applied to find circulating current to minimize the total power losses of the modular multilevel converter. Total efficiency and design-relevant parameters are analyzed for the operation with and without optimization. Furthermore, first computational effort estimation for two numerical optimization algorithms is presented.
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