Andrey Dar'enkov

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The mathematical model of the experimental stand for vibration damping is described in the article. A vibration table is used as a source of vibration of different frequencies. Asynchronous motors are attached to the vibrating table from below. These motors are frequency-controlled and have eccentric disks on the shafts. Due to imbalance, the motors create(More)
The article deals issue of increasing the efficiency and improving the weight and size of autonomous diesel generator power plant with variable speed at applying multi-windings synchronous generator. Described experimental installation which allows evaluates efficiency of use multi-windings synchronous generator. Single-phase multi-winding synchronous(More)
This article presents the approach to determine the mutual influence of moment pulsation on the electromechanical transducer shaft and the current in the net, to which the electric machine is connected. To study the inert capacity fluxes, determined by vibration, the mutual processes of current changes in the electric machine winding and power voltage are(More)
Analysis of the temperature conditions of semiconductor power switches is an obligatory stage in design of converters of electric energy parameters. When constructing a high performance converter with a high specific power, the following procedures of development of cooling systems for a given converter are necessary: optimization of radiator profiles,(More)
The article presents an approach to the design of synchronous machines with permanent magnets on the rotor (variable pole). This approach involves initial determination of the rotor diameter at the permissible circumferential speed on the outer surface. Further, it determines the size of the rest of the main machines on the basis of electromagnetic loads,(More)
The article details the concept of creating a mathematical model of an electromechanical system that contains electric motors mounted on a viscoelastic foundation. The research of the model manifested interaction of vibrational processes in electromagnetic and mechanical energy conversion. Such processes result in shaft synchronization of electric motors(More)
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