Andrey Chernykh

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We consider parallel task scheduling problems for hierarchical decentralized systems that consist of homogeneous computational resources such as clusters, PCs and supercomputers, and are geographically dispersed. We concentrate on two-level hierarchy scheduling: at the first level, the broker allocates computational tasks to the resource. At the second(More)
The message-passing paradigm is now widely accepted and used mainly for inter-process communication in distributed memory parallel systems. However, one of its disadvantages is the high cost associated with the data exchange. Therefore, in this paper, we describe a message-passing optimization technique based on the exploitation of single-assignment and(More)
The present work is based on the examination of 37 sagittal sawcut sections through the heads of human corpses of either gender. Evacuation paths for the contents of frontal sinuses were studied experimentally in different types of fronto-nasal communication. Two variants of infundibular fronto-nasal communication are described, lateral and medial, formed(More)
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