Andrey Belkin

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A thin-film Fabry–Perot superconducting resonator is used to reveal the Little and Parks ͑LP͒ effect ͓Phys. Rev. Lett. 9, 9 ͑1962͔͒, even at temperatures much lower than the critical temperature. A pair of parallel nanowires is incorporated into the resonator at the point of the supercurrent antinode. As the magnetic field is ramped, Meissner currents(More)
The perception of the environment using opto-acoustic scene analysis techniques [1] is an extremely important and challenging task for humanoid robots. Thereby, the acquisition of visual and acoustic information provides the basis of the perception and enables the robot to interact with humans and to assist in everyday tasks. Another step is the exploration(More)
While behavior of equilibrium systems is well understood, evolution of nonequilibrium ones is much less clear. Yet, many researches have suggested that the principle of the maximum entropy production is of key importance in complex systems away from equilibrium. Here, we present a quantitative study of large ensembles of carbon nanotubes suspended in a(More)
Macroscopic quantum tunneling is a fundamental phenomenon of quantum mechanics related to the actively debated topic of quantum-to-classical transition. The ability to realize macroscopic quantum tunneling affects implementation of qubit-based quantum computing schemes and their protection against decoherence. Decoherence in qubits can be reduced by means(More)
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