Andrey A. Voevodin

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In this work, we explore the thermal properties of hexagonal transition metal dichalcogenide compounds with different average atomic masses but equivalent microstructures. Thermal conductivity values of sputtered thin films were compared to bulk crystals. The comparison revealed a >10 fold reduction in thin film thermal conductivity. Structural analysis of(More)
We present photosensitivity in large area physical vapour deposited mono and bi-layer MoS2 films. Photo-voltaic effect was observed in single layer MoS2 without any apparent rectifying junctions, making device fabrication straightforward. For bi-layers, no such effect was present, suggesting strong size effect in light-matter interaction. The photo-voltaic(More)
Using quantum tunneling of electrons into vibrating surface atoms, phonon oscillations can be observed on the atomic scale. Phonon interference patterns with unusually large signal amplitudes have been revealed by scanning tunneling microscopy in intercalated van der Waals heterostructures. Our results show that the effective radius of these phonon(More)
We report on the first demonstration of controllable carbon doping of graphene to engineer local electronic properties of a graphene conduction channel using focused electron beam induced deposition (FEBID). Electrical measurements indicate that an "n-p-n" junction on graphene conduction channel is formed by partial carbon deposition near the source and(More)
Heterostructures consisting of two-dimensional materials have shown new physical phenomena, novel electronic and optical properties, and new device concepts not observed in bulk material systems or purely three dimensional heterostructures. These new effects originated mostly from the van der Waals interaction between the different layers. Here we report(More)
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