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This article develops a general equilibrium model of multiple-product, multiple-destination firms, which allows for heterogeneity in ability across firms and in product attributes within firms. FirmsExpand
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GFDL ’ s ESM 2 Global Coupled Climate – Carbon Earth System Models . Part II : Carbon System Formulation and Baseline Simulation Characteristics *
The authors describe carbon system formulation and simulation characteristics of two new global coupled carbon–climate Earth SystemModels (ESM), ESM2MandESM2G. Thesemodels demonstrate good climateExpand
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Disparities in HbA1c Levels Between African-American and Non-Hispanic White Adults With Diabetes
  • Ralph, ’ B.D, +14 authors V. Narayan
  • Medicine
  • Diabetes Care
  • 1 September 2006
OBJECTIVE—Among individuals with diabetes, a comparison of HbA1c (A1C) levels between African Americans and non-Hispanic whites was evaluated. Data sources included PubMed, Web of Science, theExpand
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Osmium isotope constraints on ore metal recycling in subduction zones
Veined peridotite xenoliths from the mantle beneath the giant Ladolam gold deposit on Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea, are 2 to 800 times more enriched in copper, gold, platinum, and palladium thanExpand
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Redescription of Spinosuchus caseanus ( Archosauromorpha : Trilophosauridae ) from the Upper Triassic of North America
Our reexamination of the holotype of Spinosuchus caseanus from the Upper Triassic of West Texas, in addition to the recognition of additional records of this taxon, demonstrates that it is closelyExpand
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Choice of Colony Size in Birds
Most populations of coloflial birds exhibit extensive variation iu colony size. Field studies over the last decade have shown that individual birds breeding in colonies of certain sizes areExpand
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Student Hits in an Internet-Supported Course: How Can Instructors Use Them and What Do They Mean?.
The world of education is changing as Web-based technology and courseware are increasingly used for delivery of course material. Expand
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Design Optimization of a Controllable Camber Rotor Airfoil
A conformable airfoil is proposed as an alternative to trailing-edge flaps used for active helicopter vibration reduction through high-frequency changes in camber. Expand
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Development of an Integrated Sustainability Assessment Toolkit
  • M. El-Haram, Jonathon Walton, +6 authors Toby Atkin-Wright
  • 2009
Integration of environmental, social and economic issues is still a key challenge for the delivery of sustainable development and accordingly sustainability assessment. In attempting to address thisExpand
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