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The work aims at demonstrating the applicability of W band for the provision of an experimental service founded on the point-to-point communication and transfer of high data volumes between ISS or LEO satellites to ground and for scientific purposes related to the acquisition of propagation data in this unexplored range of frequency. Based on the experience(More)
Intraoperative sigmoidoscopy is underused by the majority of practicing gynecologists and is not widely taught in obstetrics and gynecology training programs. In this report, a step-by-step approach is provided in order to perform sigmoidoscopy. Indications for use, along with various intraoperative applications, are discussed. Results from our center's(More)
Surface Movement Radar (SMR) is the main sensor of A-SMGCS; one of the most common problems in SMR, specially of high resolution type, is plot extraction, as aircraft targets have extension up to 60 - 70 m as compared to typical radar resolution cells of 6 m x 0.4 degrees (3 m x 0.2 degrees in high resolution radar) and occupy hundreds of resolution cells.(More)
The title compound, (3R,4S,8R,9S)-cinchoninium (2R,3R)-tartrate tetrahydrate, C19H23N2O+*C4H5O6-*4H2O, is a hydrated salt of cinchonine. In the cinchoninium cation, the geometry around the quinuclidinic N atom is typical of a protonated N atom, and the bond lengths and angles in the tartrate moiety clearly indicate the mono-ionized form. The relative(More)
A postmenopausal woman was scheduled to undergo laparoscopic treatment of an 8-cm simple ovarian cyst. During abdominal entry, umbilical trocar insertion caused a gastric perforation that was diagnosed immediately and repaired laparoscopically. Following completion of the procedure, the patient was observed for 24 hours with a nasogastric tube in place and(More)
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