Andrew Z. Wang

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The Taiwanese-American Occultation Survey (TAOS) will detect objects in the Kuiper Belt, by measuring the rate of occultations of stars by these objects, using an array of three to four 50cm wide-field robotic telescopes. Thousands of stars will be monitored, resulting in hundreds of millions of photometric measurements per night. To optimize the success of(More)
Segmenting male pelvic organs from CT images is a prerequisite for prostate cancer radiotherapy. The efficacy of radiation treatment highly depends on segmentation accuracy. However, accurate segmentation of male pelvic organs is challenging due to low tissue contrast of CT images, as well as large variations of shape and appearance of the pelvic organs.(More)
This paper reports our experience in performing the entire stereotactic surgical procedure with a CT scanner, which shows that target shifting can occur as the probe approaches the target. Therefore, when sampling of small targets or specific sites within larger targets is desired. CT confirmation of the probe's position ensures that the specific area seen(More)
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