Andrew Yoo

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Neurosteroids are produced peripherally by endocrine glands, as well as enzymatically in the glia from steroid hormone substrates. GABA receptor sites and Ca2+ channel currents are prime targets for neurosteroid actions, and their effects are concentration dependent. For this reason, and the fact that treatment with one of them, sulfated(More)
It is our view that the state of the art in constructing a large collection of graph algorithms in terms of linear algebraic operations is mature enough to support the emergence of a standard set of primitive building blocks. This paper is a position paper defining the problem and announcing our intention to launch an open effort to define this standard.
We model trabecular bone as a nanocomposite material with hierarchical structure and predict its elastic properties at different structural scales. The analysis involves a bottom-up multi-scale approach, starting with nanoscale (mineralized collagen fibril) and moving up the scales to sub-microscale (single lamella), microscale (single trabecula) and(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Laparoscopic colectomies, with and without robotic assistance, are performed to treat both benign and malignant colonic disease. This study compared clinical and economic outcomes for laparoscopic colectomy procedures with and without robotic assistance. METHODS Patients aged ≥18 years having primary inpatient laparoscopic(More)
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