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OBJECTIVE To compare local resection of early rectal tumours by transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM) and the conventional posterior trans-sphincteric approach (Mason's operation). METHODS The study group comprised 31 consecutive patients with early rectal tumours (18 villous adenomas, 13 adenocarcinomas) who underwent TEM in Kwong Wah Hospital, Hong(More)
AIM To examine the influence of diabetes mellitus (DM) on the outcome of infrainguinal bypass operations performed for critical foot ischaemia in Chinese patients. METHODS A prospective audit of 265 consecutive infrainguinal bypass operations. RESULTS Diabetic patients suffered more frequently from ischaemic heart disease (48% vs 25%, P=0.001) and(More)
To describe the prevalence of erectile dysfunction (ED) and its association with smoking among the Chinese in Hong Kong, we conducted a cross-sectional study among 819 men (aged 31-60 years) who were randomly selected among the Hong Kong residents and interviewed by trained interviewers. A structured questionnaire was used for data collection. We found that(More)
BACKGROUND It has been suggested that addition of obesity score to the APACHE-II system can lead to more accurate prediction of severity of acute pancreatitis. However there is scanty information on the usefulness of the combined APACHE-O scoring system in Asian patients. This study aimed to compare the accuracy of Ranson, APACHE-II and APACHE-O systems in(More)
Open anatomical liver resections remain one of the most effective treatments of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and results in better recurrence-free and overall survival compared to nonanatomical resections [1]. On the other hand, laparoscopic hepatectomies for HCC have recently emerged with the benefits of reduced blood loss, shorter hospital stay, and(More)
BACKGROUND In cases of right hepatectomy for huge tumour encroaching onto the diaphragm, the 'anterior approach' is the most common surgical procedure undertaken. The 'liver hanging manoeuvre' has been described previously as an adjunct to this procedure. It involves the dissection of a retrohepatic avascular plane anterior to the surface of the inferior(More)
Melatonin inhibited the proliferation of hormone-independent LNCaP prostate cancer cells partly via MT1 receptor activation both in vitro and in nude mice xenograft model. In this study, the melatonin receptor expression in the prostate cancer tissue of a patient with bone metastases and the effect of melatonin on the biochemical progression of(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the results of day-case procedures performed for inguinal hernia or hernia-hydrocele complex in Chinese children. DESIGN Retrospective study. SETTING Day Surgery Centre of a district hospital, Hong Kong. PATIENTS Medical records of 255 consecutive paediatric patients admitted to the Day Surgery Centre for inguinal herniotomy(More)
Erectile dysfunction (ED), smoking, and alcohol drinking are common in middle-aged men. Although smoking has been shown to be a risk factor of ED in Chinese and other populations, the relationship between drinking alcohol and ED is not clear. The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong conducted the Men Health Survey in 2004. In all, 1506 men aged 20-70(More)
BACKGROUND Whether the association between smoking and erectile dysfunction is causal is uncertain. No RCTs have been previously conducted on cessation counseling and additional nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) adherence counseling among smokers with erectile dysfunction. PURPOSE The aim of the study was to determine if smoking-cessation counseling in(More)