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Truncated estrogen receptor product-1 (TERP-1) is a naturally occurring rat estrogen receptor (ER) variant transcribed from a unique start site and containing a unique 5'-untranslated region fused to exons 5-8 of ERalpha. TERP-1 is detected only in the pituitary, and TERP-1 mRNA levels are highly regulated during the estrous cycle, exceeding those of the(More)
The physiological effects of estrogen on the pituitary, including cellular proliferation and regulation of hormone synthesis, are mediated by the nuclear estrogen receptor (ER). The ER acts as a dimer to modulate gene transcription and contains specific functional domains encoded in different exons. Two separate, but related, forms of the receptor (ERalpha(More)
INTRODUCTION For the induction therapy of non-small-cell lung cancer, we need to look for a regimen which produces a reliable high response rate with a low treatment related morbidity and mortality. METHODS Patients in clinical stages IB, IIA and B, IIIA and B received a course of therapy with 20Gy of radiation in 2 weeks. This was followed by two courses(More)
7317 Background: Previously we reported an enhanced effectiveness of chemotherapy in induction therapy of stage III lung cancer following a relatively low dose(20 Gy) of radiation therapy (Proc ASCO 18:524a, 1999): The response rate was 91 % (11/12 patients). METHODS Newly diagnosed patients with stage IB - IIIB NSCLC entered the study. The treatment(More)
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