Andrew Y. Chen

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Several small molecule species formally known primarily as toxic gases have, over the past 20 years, been shown to be endogenously generated signaling molecules. The biological signaling associated with the small molecules NO, CO, H₂S (and the nonendogenously generated O₂), and their derived species have become a topic of extreme interest. It has become(More)
The simple structure of Arabidopsis roots provides an excellent model system to study epidermal cell fate specification. Epidermal cells in contact with 2 underlying cortical cells differentiate into hair cells (H cells; trichoblasts), whereas cells that contact only a single cortical cell differentiate into mature hairless cells (N cells; atrichoblasts).(More)
Ecosystems can undergo sudden shifts to undesirable states, but recent studies with simple single-species ecosystems have demonstrated that advance warning can be provided by the slowing down of population dynamics near a tipping point. However, it is unclear how this 'critical slowing down' will manifest in ecosystems with strong interactions between their(More)
The use of pesticides has a negative impact on the environment. Amphibians have long been regarded as indicator species to pollutants due to their permeable skin and sensitivity to the environment. Studies have shown that population declines of some amphibians are directly linked with exposure to agricultural contaminants. In the past, much of the studies(More)
In this study, we show that several microtubule-destabilizing agents used for decades for treatment of cancer and other diseases also sensitize cancer cells to oncolytic rhabdoviruses and improve therapeutic outcomes in resistant murine cancer models. Drug-induced microtubule destabilization leads to superior viral spread in cancer cells by disrupting type(More)
A highly integrated 4.9-5.9 GHz single chip front-end IC (FEIC) is presented, which is based on SiGe BiCMOS, realized in a 1.6 mm2 chip area and in an ultra-compact 1.7 × 2.0 × 0.33 mm3 package. The Tx chain has >30 dB gain and meets -40 dB DEVM up to Pout of 15 dBm and -35 dB DEVM up to Pout of 17 dBm with a 3.3 V supply, insensitive to(More)
We describe an assembly technique useful for generating ordered arrays of nanowires (NWs) between electrodes via dielectrophoresis (DEP) and an analysis technique useful for extracting quantitative information about the local electric fields and dielectrophoretic forces from video microscopy data. By tuning the magnitude of the applied electric fields such(More)
Gamma rays with energy above 10 GeV interact with optical-UV photons resulting in pair production. Therefore, a large sample of high redshift sources of these gamma rays can be used to probe the extragalactic background starlight (EBL) by examining the redshift dependence of the attenuation of the flux above 10 GeV. GLAST, the next generation high-energy(More)