Andrew X. Zhang

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— A statistical characterization of the narrowband dynamic human on-body area channel, with application to biomedical/health information monitoring, is presented based on measured received signal amplitude. We consider varying amounts of body movement, and a variety of transmit-receive pair (Tx-Rx) locations on the human body. The characterization is(More)
—The use of photovoltaic (PV) sources is becoming very popular in smart grid for their ecological benefits, with higher scalability and utilization for local generation and delivery. PV can also potentially avoid the energy losses that are normally associated with long-range grid distribution. The increased penetration of solar panels, however, has(More)
Abrupt tobacco/nicotine cessation after chronic use causes various withdrawal symptoms/signs. There is evidence that dysfunction of brain dopaminergic system might be responsible for some nicotine withdrawal symptoms. The hypothesis for the present study was that different dopaminergic agonists would relieve different nicotine withdrawal signs. Adult male(More)
Ribonucleotide reductase (RR) is a crucial enzyme in de novo DNA synthesis, where it catalyses the rate determining step of dNTP synthesis. RRs consist of a large subunit called RR1 (α), that contains two allosteric sites and one catalytic site, and a small subunit called RR2 (β), which houses a tyrosyl free radical essential for initiating catalysis. The(More)
This article reports the design, synthesis, and evaluation of a novel class of molecules of intermediate size (approximately 7000 Da), which possess both the targeting and effector functions of antibodies. These compounds—called synthetic antibody mimics targeting prostate cancer (SyAM-Ps)—bind simultaneously to prostate-specific membrane antigen and Fc(More)
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