Andrew Woodward

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This study looked for remnant data on enterprise level hard drives that were purchased through auctions. The drives were analysed for information, be it topical or formatted. In the event that drives were formatted, forensic tools were used to recover this data. This years study revealed a high level of not simply un-erased drives, but drives which(More)
Malicious software (malware) has a wide variety of analysis avoidance techniques that it can employ to hinder forensic analysis. Although legitimate software can incorporate the same analysis avoidance techniques to provide a measure of protection against reverse engineering and to protect intellectual property, malware invariably makes much greater use of(More)
Since their inception, 802.11 wireless networks have been plagued by a wide range of security problems. These problems relate to both data security and denial of service attacks, and there have been many solutions created by different vendors address these problems. However, the number of different types of attack, and the many possible solutions, makes it(More)
– The use of BitTorrent technology to exchange illegal files over the internet is of concern, especially given the large volume of data exchanged. Law enforcement need solid evidence, as well as investigative intelligence if they are to reduce this trade in illegal material. This paper builds on previous work in this area and used Windows 7 as a base to(More)
Recent developments have seen the closure of P2P sites such as Kazaa and Napster due to legal action, and a subsequent rise in the use of alternative file-sharing software, namely BitTorrent. This research in progress aims to evaluate the effectiveness of commercial programs to erase traces of the use of such software. The erasure programs Privacy Suite,(More)
The increased connectivity to existing computer networks has exposed medical devices to cybersecurity vulnerabilities from which they were previously shielded. For the prevention of cybersecurity incidents, it is important to recognize the complexity of the operational environment as well as to catalog the technical vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity protection(More)
– A number of claims have been made regarding cold boot memory acquisition techniques. There are numerous potential applications for these techniques should they be shown to be reliable and suitable for use in the field. An investigation into these techniques has been conducted. The results of conducted experiments do not show that cold boot memory(More)