Andrew Woodward

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Malicious software (malware) has a wide variety of analysis avoidance techniques that it can employ to hinder forensic analysis. Although legitimate software can incorporate the same analysis avoidance techniques to provide a measure of protection against reverse engineering and to protect intellectual property, malware invariably makes much greater use of(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the methods, characteristics of participants, and report on the preliminary findings of a longitudinal study of cyclists. DESIGN Web-based survey to establish a cohort of cyclists. SETTING Participants in the largest mass-participation bicycle event in New Zealand, the Wattyl Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge. PARTICIPANTS 2469 riders(More)
This study looked for remnant data on enterprise level hard drives that were purchased through auctions. The drives were analysed for information, be it topical or formatted. In the event that drives were formatted, forensic tools were used to recover this data. This years study revealed a high level of not simply un-erased drives, but drives which(More)
Since their inception, 802.11 wireless networks have been plagued by a wide range of security problems. These problems relate to both data security and denial of service attacks, and there have been many solutions created by different vendors address these problems. However, the number of different types of attack, and the many possible solutions, makes it(More)
The 2007 study used a biased selection process where the primary focus was the purchase of high-speed SCSI drives and drive packs, in addition 2.5 inch laptop drives were targeted. Conventional IDE based hard drives were also examined in the study. A total of 84 drives were examined this year, 23 yielded data that represented significant and in some cases(More)
The technical reports present data and its analysis, meta-studies and conceptual studies, and are considered to be of value to industry, government or other researchers. Unlike the STCRC's Monograph series, these reports have not been subjected to an external peer review process. As such, the scientific accuracy and merit of the research reported here is(More)
The research aimed to determine the efficacy and integrity of several hard-drive disk deletion tools on solid state drives (SSDs). SSDs contain new technologies such as wear-levelling and device under provisioning to provide efficient functionality and speed for data management, but the same technologies may also provide obstacles to ensuring that all(More)
This paper outlines a number of key lessons learned from an investigation into the techniques malicious executable software can employ to hinder digital forensic examination. Malware signature detection has been recognised by researchers to be far less than ideal. Thus, the forensic analyst may be required to manually analyse suspicious files. However, in(More)