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Monsoon Experiment is an internationally coordinated process study aimed at determining the sources and limits of predictability of warm-season precipitation over North America. NAME 1 seeks improved understanding of the key physical processes that must be parameterized for more realistic simulations and accurate predictions with coupled OAL An(More)
In this paper we explore the issue of transforming models to models, an essential part of the OMG's Model Driven Architecture (MDA) vision. Drawing from the literature and our experiences implementing a number of transformations using different technologies, we explore the strengths and weaknesses of the different technologies and identify requirements for(More)
Recent improvements in brain slice technology have made this biological preparation increasingly useful for examining pathophysiology of brain diseases in a tissue context. Brain slices maintain many aspects of in vivo biology, including functional local synaptic circuitry with preserved brain architecture, while allowing good experimental access and(More)
Current software suites suffer from problems due to poor integration of their individual tools. They require the designer to think of all possible integrating behaviours and leave littIe flexibility to the user. CyberDesk is a component so&are fiamework that automatically integrates desktop and network services, reducing integrating decisions to be made by(More)
Applications are often designed to take advantage of the potential for integration with each other via shared information. Current approaches for integration are limited, effecting both the programmer and end-user. In this paper, we present CyberDesk, a framework for self-integrating software in which integration is driven by user context. It relieves the(More)
  • Travis L. Dickendesher, Katherine T. Baldwin, Yevgeniya A. Mironova, Yoshiki Koriyama, Stephen J. Raiker, Kim L. Askew +8 others
  • 2012
In the adult mammalian CNS, chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans (CSPGs) and myelin-associated inhibitors (MAIs) stabilize neuronal structure and restrict compensatory sprouting following injury. The Nogo receptor family members NgR1 and NgR2 bind to MAIs and have been implicated in neuronal inhibition. We found that NgR1 and NgR3 bind with high affinity to(More)
The CyberDesk project suggests a way to break the prevailing assumption in personal computing that the user must search out ways to integrate behavior between separate services. We present a technique and prototype system for automatic integration of desktop applications and network services that requires no effortby either the designer or the end-user.
Agents are becoming widespread in a variety of computer systems and domains, but often appear to have little in common with each other. In this paper we look at different agent systems and identify what a generic agent should be composed of. We also identify the characteristics of a task that make it worthy of an agent-based approach. We then discuss the(More)
This paper presents an integrated approach for modelling enterprise architectures using UML. To satisfy a need for a wide range of modelling choices, we provide a rich set of process-based and role-based modelling concepts, together with a flexible way of associating business events with business processes and roles. Our approach enriches Unified Modelling(More)