Andrew Wils

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This paper describes the discovery and interaction of devices in a home network. It defines an innovative Device Discovery and Description Framework called 3DF, that integrates existing networking and interoperability protocols. The 3DF framework provides abstract device descriptions with multiple views, dynamic capability changes and driver support in an(More)
Ubiquitous and pervasive computing paradigms tend to shift towards open service-oriented platforms, in which carelessly written services can undermine the general stability of the whole system. We propose a component-contract based approach to solve these challenges. Resource contracts, combined with an intelligent resource broker and monitoring system,(More)
This paper introduces a contract-driven resource management process and supporting middleware framework. We aim at supporting mobile computing tasks as they appear in the areas of Ambient Intelligence (AmI). As available resources in AmI environments fluctuate frequently, the resource usage of AmI tasks must be extremely flexible. The presented component(More)
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