13Carole L. Yauk
10Sabina Halappanavar
7Carole L Yauk
6Ulla Vogel
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  • Heinz Gerd Ko¨rschen, Michelle Illing, Reinhard Seifer, Federico Sesti, Andrew Williams, Sebastian Gotzes +7 others
  • 1995
The cyclic nucleotide-gated channel from rod photoreceptors is composed of two distinct subunits (alpha and beta). The properties of the alpha subunit, which can form functional channels by itself, are modified by coexpression with a homologous polypeptide, designated the beta subunit. However, the alpha subunit from rod photoreceptor membranes copurifies(More)
  • Anne T Saber, Sabina Halappanavar, Janne K Folkmann, Jette Bornholdt, Anne Mette Z Boisen, Peter Møller +5 others
  • 2009
BACKGROUND Epidemiologic and animal studies have shown that particulate air pollution is associated with increased risk of lung and cardiovascular diseases. Although the exact mechanisms by which particles induce cardiovascular diseases are not known, studies suggest involvement of systemic acute phase responses, including C-reactive protein (CRP) and serum(More)
BACKGROUND Alteration of the kinematics of the PCL-deficient knee might be a factor in producing the articular damage. Very little is known about the in vivo weightbearing kinematics of the PCL-deficient knee. HYPOTHESIS Isolated rupture of the posterior cruciate ligament alters knee kinematics, predisposing the patient to development of early(More)
In the last several years, micro-blogging Online Social Networks (OSNs), such as Twitter, have taken the world by storm, now boasting over 100 million subscribers. As an unparalleled stage for an enormous audience, they offer fast and reliable centralized diffusion of pithy tweets to great multitudes of information-hungry and always-connected followers. At(More)
Spread over an area in Western Australia, this telescope is being designed to study the sun and its inner heliosphere, and time-varying astronomical phenomena. ABSTRACT | The Murchison Widefield Array is a dipole-based aperture array synthesis telescope designed to operate in the 80–300 MHz frequency range. It is capable of a wide range of science(More)
BACKGROUND Although analysis of microRNAs (miRNAs) by DNA microarrays is gaining in popularity, these new technologies have not been adequately validated. We examined within and between platform reproducibility of four miRNA array technologies alongside TaqMan PCR arrays. RESULTS Two distinct pools of reference materials were selected in order to maximize(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are extensively involved in diverse biological processes. However, very little is known about the role of miRNAs in mediating the action of thyroid hormones (TH). Appropriate TH levels are known to be critically important for development, differentiation and maintenance of metabolic balance in mammals. We induced transient hypothyroidism(More)
BACKGROUND Individuals with chronic lung disease are at increased risk of adverse health effects from airborne particulate matter. Characterization of underlying pollutant-phenotype interactions may require comprehensive strategies. Here, a toxicogenomic approach was used to investigate how inflammation modifies the pulmonary response to urban particulate(More)