Andrew William Gill

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AIMS Preterm infants can be inadvertently exposed to high tidal volumes (V(T)) in the delivery room, causing lung inflammation and injury, but little is known about their effects on the brain. The aim of this study was to compare an initial 15 min of high V(T) resuscitation strategy to a less injurious resuscitation strategy on cerebral haemodynamics,(More)
Agent based distillations (ABD) are low-resolution abstract models, which can be used to explore questions associated with land combat operations in a short period of time. Movement of agents within the EINSTein and MANA ABDs is based on a simple attraction-repulsion weighting system and an associated numerical penalty function. The relative simplicity of(More)
BACKGROUND As measurement of arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2) is common in the delivery room, target SpO2 ranges allow clinicians to titrate oxygen therapy for preterm infants in order to achieve saturation levels similar to those seen in normal term infants in the first minutes of life. However, the influence of the onset of ventilation and the timing of(More)
BACKGROUND The onset of mechanical ventilation is a critical time for the initiation of cerebral white matter (WM) injury in preterm neonates, particularly if they are inadvertently exposed to high tidal volumes (VT) in the delivery room. Protective ventilation strategies at birth reduce ventilation-induced lung and brain inflammation and injury, however(More)
The rate of convergence of the pseudospectral approximation to singular linear differential eigenproblems is asymptotically geometric, but is often seriously weakened by the presence of the singularities, called critical points or critical latitudes. One remedy is to implement an independent variable transformation which distorts the computational domain(More)
In Australia there has been only limited experience with ethics consultation, and there are no reports of practical details. In 1999, the Institutional Clinical Ethics Committee at John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle, initiated an Acute Clinical Ethics Service (ACES) to formalise a perceived need within the hospital for ethics consultation. This need had(More)
While it is now recognized that umbilical cord clamping (UCC) at birth is not necessarily an innocuous act, there is still much confusion concerning the potential benefits and harms of this common procedure. It is most commonly assumed that delaying UCC will automatically result in a time-dependent net placental-to-infant blood transfusion, irrespective of(More)
Synergistic killing of NDM-producing MDR Klebsiella pneumoniae by two 'old' antibiotics-polymyxin B and chloramphenicol. 3D printed reproductions of orbital dissections: a novel mode of visualising anatomy for trainees in ophthalmology or optometry. Ventilation induced lung injury is not exacerbated by growth restriction in preterm lambs. Identification of(More)
AIMS Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy is the most common medical condition in pregnancy. There is an increasing trend to prescribe ondansetron although its safety for use in pregnancy has not been established. METHODS Exposed pregnancies were all births in Western Australia, 2002-2005, where the mother was dispensed ondansetron under the Australian(More)