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The DEAD-box RNA helicase Xp54 is an integral component of the messenger ribonucleoprotein (mRNP) particles of Xenopus oocytes. In oocytes, several abundant proteins bind pre-mRNA transcripts to modulate nuclear export, RNA stability and translational fate. Of these, Xp54, the mRNA-masking protein FRGY2 and its activating protein kinase CK2alpha, bind to(More)
Homeostatic regulation of ionic currents is of paramount importance during periods of synaptic growth or remodeling. Our previous work has identified the translational repressor Pumilio (Pum) as a regulator of sodium current (I(Na)) and excitability in Drosophila motoneurons. In this current study, we show that Pum is able to bind directly the mRNA encoding(More)
The nervous system has an in-built capability to adjust its responsiveness to excitation according to the history of electrical activity faced by the neurons embedded within its networks. This control over excitability represents a form of homeostasis and is exhibited at multiple stages in the flow of information from the genome to the expression and(More)
Let be the 2-cycle (1 2) and the n-cycle (1 2 n). These two cycles generate the symmetric group S n. Let G n denote the directed Cayley graph Cay(f; g : S n). Based on erroneous computer calculations, Nijenhuis and Wilf ((NiWi75], pg. 238 and NiWi78], pg. 288) give as an exercise to show that G 5 does not have a Hamilton path. To the contrary, we show that(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the role of markers of plasma protein damage by glycation, oxidation and nitration in microalbuminuria onset or subsequent decline of glomerular filtration rate (termed "early GFR decline") in patients with type 1 diabetes. METHODS From the 1(st) Joslin Kidney Study, we selected 30 patients with longstanding normoalbuminuria and 55(More)
Gene duplication followed by adaptive selection is a well-accepted process leading to toxin diversification in venoms. However, emergent genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic evidence now challenges this role to be at best equivocal to other processess . Cnidaria are arguably the most ancient phylum of the extant metazoa that are venomous and such provide a(More)
Shipboard experiments were each performed over a 2 day period to examine the proteomic response of the symbiotic coral Acropora microphthalma exposed to acute conditions of high temperature/low light or high light/low temperature stress. During these treatments, corals had noticeably bleached. The photosynthetic performance of residual algal endosymbionts(More)
The World Wide Web, or Web, is a large and still-growing application on the Internet. Its size and growth makes nding useful and relevant information on it harder to do all the time. The result sets returned by current Web search engines in response to a user query include many documents that are irrelevant. In this paper we present an enhanced query(More)