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2012 Vietnam poverty assessment : well begun, not yet done - Vietnam's remarkable progress on poverty reduction and the emerging challenges
This report examines the lives of poor men, women, and children and explores the constraints and opportunities they face today in rising out of poverty. It builds on a rich body of poverty analysisExpand
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A political economy of environmental impact assessment in the Mekong region
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an issue of concern to governments, organized civil society groups, as well as business actors in the Mekong region. EIA and related forms of environmentalExpand
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Civil Society Networks in China and Vietnam: Informal Pathbreakers in Health and the Environment
The Dynamic Societies of China and Vietnam Redefining Civil Society: Networks and Advocacy The Bright Future Group of People with Disabilities The China Women's Network Against AIDS PreservingExpand
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Informal pathbreakers : civil society networks in china and vietnam
This thesis re-conceptualises civil society as a process of cross-sectoral networking and alliance building among individual activists and organisations. Civil society networks are built on personalExpand
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Political space in Vietnam: a view from the ‘rice-roots'
Abstract Single-party, authoritarian states such as Vietnam are frequently characterised as having ‘closed’ political opportunity structures and ‘un-free’ socio-political systems. The validity ofExpand
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Civil society in ASEAN: a healthy development?
Across southeast Asia, local citizens engage in collective action for health, the basis of networks of trust that are often overlooked by state agencies and external observers. Informal groups andExpand
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Prospects for Regional Cooperation on Environmental Impact Assessment in Mainland Southeast Asia
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a central process in sustainable development to mitigate the anticipated impacts of development projects. Every national government in mainland Southeast AsiaExpand
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