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We present a user-centric input system that is useful for a variety of applications in ubiquitous computing environments. Users in these environments currently switch between different keyboards and mice, or other devices, to interact with all the devices present. Allowing users to select a personal input device for the space and use it to interact with all(More)
Acknowledgements WHO wishes to acknowledge the generous contribution of AusAID to the development of this guide. A Technical Reference Group was established to assist with preparing this training guide by commenting on drafts and providing information, case studies and exercises. WHO wishes to acknowledge this group for its contribution and to thank its(More)
Though payday lending regulations are fiercely debated at the state and national levels, there is little consensus among economists as to the effects of these regulations. To address the question of regulatory effects, I used legal databases to construct a novel dataset that captures changes in state payday loan policies since payday lending first emerged(More)
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