Andrew Waterman

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In this paper we introduce <i>Chisel</i>, a new hardware construction language that supports advanced hardware design using highly parameterized generators and layered domain-specific hardware languages. By embedding Chisel in the Scala programming language, we raise the level of hardware design abstraction by providing concepts including object(More)
We present RAMP Gold, an economical FPGA-based architecture simulator that allows rapid early design-space exploration of manycore systems. The RAMP Gold prototype is a high-throughput, cycle-accurate full-system simulator that runs on a single Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA board, and which simulates a 64-core shared-memory target machine capable of booting real(More)
Given the multicore microprocessor revolution, we argue that the architecture research community needs a dramatic increase in simulation capacity. We believe FPGA Architecture Model Execution (FAME) simulators can increase the number of useful architecture research experiments per day by two orders of magnitude over Software Architecture Model Execution(More)
The emergence of many-core architectures necessitates a redesign of operating systems, including the interfaces they expose to an application. We propose a new operating system, called ROS, designed specifically to address many limitations of current OSs as we move into the many-core era. Our goals are (1) to provide better support for parallel applications(More)
A 64-bit dual-core RISC-V processor with vector accelerators has been fabricated in a 45 nm SOI process. This is the first dual-core processor to implement the open-source RISC-V ISA designed at the University of California, Berkeley. In a standard 40 nm process, the RISC-V scalar core scores 10% higher in DMIPS/MHz than the Cortex-A5, ARM’s comparable(More)
Data transport across short electrical wires is limited by both bandwidth and power density, which creates a performance bottleneck for semiconductor microchips in modern computer systems--from mobile phones to large-scale data centres. These limitations can be overcome by using optical communications based on chip-scale electronic-photonic systems enabled(More)
Rocket Chip is an open-source Sysem-on-Chip design generator that emits synthesizable RTL. It leverages the Chisel hardware construction language to compose a library of sophisticated generators for cores, caches, and interconnects into an integrated SoC. Rocket Chip generates general-purpose processor cores that use the open RISC-V ISA, and provides both(More)
2015 Symposium on VLSI Circuits Digest of Technical Papers A RISC-V Vector Processor with Tightly-Integrated Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converters in 28nm FDSOI Brian Zimmer1, Yunsup Lee1, Alberto Puggelli1, Jaehwa Kwak1, Ruzica Jevtic1, Ben Keller1, Stevo Bailey1, Milovan Blagojevic1,2, Pi-Feng Chiu1, Hanh-Phuc Le1, Po-Hung Chen1, Nicholas Sutardja1, Rimas(More)