Andrew Wainwright

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We assessed the inter- and intraobserver variation in classification systems for fractures of the distal humerus. Three orthopaedic trauma consultants, three trauma registrars and three consultant musculoskeletal radiologists independently classified 33 sets of radiographs of such fractures on two occasions, each using three separate systems. For(More)
BACKGROUND The Bernese periacetabular osteotomy (PAO) is a recognized joint-preserving procedure. Achieving joint stability without creating impingement is important, but the orientation target that best balances these sometimes competing goals has not yet been clearly defined. Moreover, the learning curve of this challenging procedure has not been(More)
AIM To determine current practice recommendations for the treatment of slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE) among members of the European Paediatric Orthopaedic Society (EPOS). MATERIALS AND METHODS A questionnaire with 4 case vignettes of a 12-year-old boy presenting with a stable and unstable SCFE. Each, stable and unstable slips, was of mild (20°(More)
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