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Modelling and solving an FMS part selection problem
This paper discusses a part selection problem for a flexible manufacturing system with versatile machine tools but with no tool transportation devices. We propose a maximal network flow model withExpand
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Semi-greedy heuristics: An empirical study
Given p or c, a semi-greedy heuristic chooses each iteration's decision randomly from among those decisions resulting in objective value improvements either within p% of the best improvement or amongExpand
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Bounding distributions for a stochastic pert network
This paper presents a new method for obtaining probability distributions that bound the exact probability distribution of the project duration from above and below. Expand
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Constructing a minimal-cost spanning tree subject to resource constraints and flow requirements
This paper discusses the solution of such a network in which one node is a source having an infinite supply of a commodity, and every other node a sink having a known constant demand. Expand
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A single server queue with arrival rate dependent on server breakdowns
This paper considers a single server queueing system that alternates stochastically between two states: operational and failed. Expand
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A constrained capital budgeting problem with applications to repair kit selection
We consider a capital budgeting problem in which each potential project requires the performance of a known set of activities. In general, these sets of activities are not mutually exclusive.Expand
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Sequential Bounding of the Reliability of a Stochastic Network
An algorithm that sequentially computes upper bounds on the reliabilities of nodes of a directed source-sink network until we finally obtain an upper bound on the reliability of the network's sink. Expand
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A decomposition algorithm for network reliability analysis
We present a decomposition algorithm for the exact computation of the reliability of a directed, source-sink network whose arcs either function or fail with known probabilities. Expand
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Modular decomposition and reliability computation in stochastic transportation networks having cutnodes
Block-modular decompositions reduce the original flow network to a single node whose reliability is easily computed. Expand
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A Recursive Algorithm For Bounding Network Reliability
This paper presents a recursive algorithm for computing bounds on the reliability of a directed, source-sink network whose arcs either function or fail with known probabilities. Expand
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