Andrew W. Crapo

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Models are artifacts used to better understand our world. In the context of mining data to create knowledge, the modeler is often faced with discovering and understanding relationships in data that have no apparent analog in the laws of physical science. Much of these data are increasingly abstract; not directly related to the physical, perceivable world.(More)
CIM is the key to smart grid interoperability. This being the case, we are experimenting with different approaches to utilizing the CIM as a semantic model for Energy applications. In this paper we identify some of the challenges we have encountered applying an OWL representation of the CIM to a common industry application for network model validation. Some(More)
Adaptive Work-Centered User Interface Technology (ACUITy) is an open-source framework and architecture for developing semanticallyenabled mixed initiative user interfaces. ACUITy begins to answer some of the challenges presented in the design of a Semantic Web Browser, which we believe should collaborate with the user to determine how to support his or her(More)
Smart Grid security is challenging as experts in both IT Security and ICS [Industrial Control Systems] systems are few. Expertise in multiple domains is needed, and tools that can be used to analyze smart grid systems during the design phase are nonexistent. We used Semantic Web Technology to create an ontology that is capable of reasoning about security(More)