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Meeting. AIAA, AFOSR and DLR provided much needed support, financial and moral. Over 70 participants from all over the world across the research spectrum of academia, government labs, and private industry attended the workshop. Many exciting results were presented. In this review article, the main motivation and major findings from the workshop are(More)
We describe a familial pattern of gonosomal-autosomal translocation between the X and 18 chromosomes, balanced and unbalanced forms, in male and female siblings. The proposita was consulted for hypergonadotropic hypogonadism. Karyotype analysis revealed a balanced 46, X, t(X;18)(q22.3;q23) genotype. The sister of the proband presented with oligomenorrhea(More)
The three-dimensional nature of vortex breakdown , while widely recognized, has seldom been included in the analytical investigations and, until recently, the numerical simulations of this phenomenon. The principle asymmetric eeects are examined by considering the impact that a weak perturbation has on an axisymmetric vortex. It is demonstrated that large(More)
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