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This paper investigates the relationship between housing prices and the quality of public schools in the Australian Capital Territory. To disentangle the effects of schools and other neighbourhood characteristics on the value of residential properties, we compare sale prices of homes on either side of high school attendance boundaries. We find that a 5(More)
Quantitative bounds on rates of approximation by linear combinations of Heaviside plane waves are obtained for sufficiently differentiable functions f which vanish rapidly enough at infinity: for d odd and f ∈ C d (R d), with lower-order partials vanishing at infinity and dth-order partials vanishing as x −(d+1+ε) , ε > 0, on any domain ⊂ R d with unit(More)
It is shown that for any positive integer n and any function in Lp([0, 1] d) with p ∈ [1, ∞) there exists a best approximation by linear combinations of n characteristic functions of half-spaces. Further, sequences of such linear combinations converging in distance to the best approximation distance have subsequences converging to the best approximation,(More)
Virtually all liquids can be maintained for some time in a supercooled state, that is, at temperatures below their equilibrium melting temperatures, before eventually crystallizing. If cooled sufficiently quickly, some of these liquids will solidify into an amorphous solid, upon passing their glass transition temperature. Studies of these supercooled(More)
services to public officials and others interested in the operation of state and local government in North Carolina. A part of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Institute also administers the university's Master of Public Administration Program. Each year approximately 14,000 city, county, and state officials attend one or more of the 230(More)
The x-ray structure factors and densities for liquid aluminum from 1123 K to 1273 K have been measured using the beamline electrostatic levitator. Atomic structures as a function of temperature have been constructed from the diffraction data with reverse Monte Carlo simulations. An analysis of the local atomic structures in terms of the Honeycutt-Andersen(More)