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  • A J Vickers
  • 1996
The effects of acupuncture on health are generally hard to assess. Stimulation of the P6 acupuncture point is used to obtain an antiemetic effect and this provides an excellent model to study the efficacy of acupuncture. Thirty-three controlled trials have been published worldwide in which the P6 acupuncture point was stimulated for treatment of nausea(More)
BACKGROUND Decision curve analysis (DCA) has been proposed as an alternative method for evaluation of diagnostic tests, prediction models, and molecular markers. However, DCA is based on expected utility theory, which has been routinely violated by decision makers. Decision-making is governed by intuition (system 1), and analytical, deliberative process(More)
Inconsistencies may arise in the course of specification of systems, and it is now recognised that they cannot be forbidden. Recent work has concentrated on enabling requirements descriptions to tolerate inconsistency and on proposing notations that permit inconsistency in specifications. We approach the subject by examining the use of an existing causal(More)
The design of distributed real-time systems is difficult because of the large number of issues involved with their design — inter-process communication, module structure, timing constraints, hardware constraints, reliability, etc. In this paper, we show how such issues may usefully be partitioned through the use of viewpoints before being combined together(More)
Managing any kind of complexity in a large scale systems development is a hard task. Viewpoints are a useful means of managing complexity and have been widely advocated in the eld of Requirements Engineering. This position statement outlines the beneets of using viewpoints as a means of managing the analytical complexity of safety critical systems and(More)
Organisations are seeking to improve the way they undertake engineering activities. There are numerous ways of doing this, one of which is to undertake an ongoing process, or capability, enhancement activity. Praxis Critical Systems Limited provides support for such activity based primarily around the REVEAL ® requirements engineering method. By providing(More)
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