Andrew Tylecote

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This paper examines the effects of the rise and decline of a new techno-economic paradigm, and associated institutional changes, on the technological specialisation of the US, the UK and Germany, in the 1890-1990 period. The measure used is patenting. The main techno-economic paradigm examined is ‘Fordism’, which flourished circa 192070. The focus is on two(More)
Small and medium enterprises in the Indian software development industry, like their larger counterparts, are mostly low on the value ladder. This paper examines the difficulties confronting them in moving up the ladder and the strategies and circumstances conducive to success, drawing on three case studies. Human resource development emerges as central.(More)
Latin America and East Asia differ in the extent to which they have specialised in mechanical, electrical and electronic sectors. These sectors are critical for economic development but pose a challenge for corporate governance. By combining insights from studies of corporate governance and of development economics, this paper examines how certain developed(More)
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