Andrew Tugwell

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This study evaluated the effectiveness of the In One Voice campaign for raising mental health awareness and improving attitudes of youth and young adults towards mental health issues. The campaign featured a prominent male sports figure talking about mental health issues and used online social media. A successive independent samples design assessed market(More)
In recent years there has been a renewed interest in the use of local hospital 'formularies'. The development and preparation at The London Hospital (Whitechapel) of a guide of prescribing which embraces and extends the concept of a formulary is described. A method of involving staff in the preparation of text was developed to ensure the rapid production of(More)
The effect of atropine (0.001-10 mumol.l-1) on neuromuscular transmission in the rat hemidiaphragm preparation was investigated by analysing its effects on directly and indirectly-elicited twitch, tetanic, post-tetanic twitch responses and on the phenomenon of post-tetanic twitch potentiation. The effect of atropine on contractions produced by endogenous(More)
In this study, the effects of histamine, antihistamines (terfenadine and mepyramine), 5-hydroxytryptamine, and muscle relaxants, atracurium, vecuronium and gallamine, on the tone and contractility of rat ileum were studied and compared in vitro. The aim of the present investigation was to measure, pharmacologically, the histamine releasing effect of muscle(More)
1. The effect of ethanol (0.01-1000 on tone, contractility, and the contractions produced by periarterial nerve stimulation and by acetylcholine was studied in the rat isolated ileum. 2. In low concentrations, ethanol reduced the spontaneous contractions by 60 +/- 1.5% and in high concentrations, it produced a marked contraction in the muscle (3.2(More)
s of papers Rational use of drugs 18th European Symposium on Clinical Pharmacy Organized by the American College of Clinical Pharmacy, the Dutch Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Biopharmacy and the WHO Collaborating Centre for Quality Control in Health Care Nijmegen (the Netherlands), 25-28 October 1989 Organizing committee: Scientific committee: N.E(More)
The effect of a calcium channel blocker, e.g. verapamil, on the contractions produced by high potassium (K+) and noradrenalne (NA), was studied in the isolated saphenous vein in man. The aim of the present experiments was to see which of the two types of contractions was more sensitive to blockade by a calcium channel blocker, e.g. verapamil, and if(More)
The effects of 5 different local anaesthetics, lignocaine, prilocaine, etidocaine, mepivacaine, bupivacaine, on uptake of Ca2+, Na+ and K+ were studied, using a Kone Microlyte Analyzer, into 3 different types of muscle fibres, the rat ileum, rat diaphragm and human isolated saphenous vein. The aim of the present experiments was to see if local anaesthetics(More)
1. The effect of atracurium on neuromuscular transmission was studied in the rat diaphragm preparation, by analysing the characteristics of tetanic fade and its recovery profile after using a blocking concentration of atracurium (10 mumol.litre-1). 2. Tetanic fade (TF), peak tetanic tension (Tp), and its depression, and end tetanic tension (Te), sustained(More)
The effect of atracurium, a relatively new muscle relaxant, on neuromuscular transmission, in the rat diaphragm preparation, was studied, by analysing the characteristic features of tetanic fade and recovery pattern following a blocking concentration of atracurium (10 microns). Tetanic fade (TF) and peak tetanic tension (Tp) and its depression by(More)
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