Andrew Thomas Wong

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AIMS To use the Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results database in order to evaluate prostate biopsy concordance in a large population-based sample. METHODS We identified 34 195 men who were diagnosed with prostate cancer and underwent a radical prostatectomy from 2010 to 2011. All patients also had to have both clinical and pathological Gleason(More)
CONTEXT The American College of Surgeons recommends that any patient with blunt trauma undergoes radiographic evaluation, including a radiograph of the pelvis. Studies have questioned the use of such routine pelvic radiographs (PXR) in pediatrics. Selective elimination of PXR would save time, money and unshielded radiation exposure to the gonads. (More)
BACKGROUND The optimal management of patients with localized esophageal cancer is uncertain. The objective of this study was to analyze contemporary patterns of care for esophageal cancer using the National Cancer Database. METHODS Patients diagnosed with localized esophageal adenocarcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma from 2004 to 2011 and who received(More)
BACKGROUND The optimal timing of thoracic radiation therapy (RT) in relation to chemotherapy is unknown in the treatment of nonmetastatic small cell lung cancer (SCLC). We analyzed the National Cancer Data Base (NCDB) to assess the effect on overall survival (OS) of RT timing with chemotherapy for patients with SCLC. MATERIALS AND METHODS The NCDB was(More)
OBJECTIVE Clinical outcomes for patients with uterine carcinosarcoma are poor after surgical management alone. Adjuvant therapies including chemotherapy (CT) and/or radiation therapy (RT) have been previously investigated, but the optimal management of this disease remains controversial. The purposes of this study were to analyze the patterns of use of(More)
Because of the rarity of esophageal melanoma, the optimal management of this disease is limited. The pooled dataset in the National Cancer Database (NCDB) was used to identify the prognostic factors and treatment outcomes. Patients who were diagnosed with esophageal melanoma between 2004 and 2011 were identified. Patients were stratified as either localized(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to analyze the impact on overall survival (OS) from the addition of postoperative radiation with or without chemotherapy after esophagectomy, using a large, hospital-based dataset. BACKGROUND Previous retrospective studies have suggested an OS advantage for postoperative chemoradiation over surgery alone, although(More)
PURPOSE Recent studies have suggested that the addition of adjuvant radiation therapy (aRT) may improve outcomes in men with pathologically involved lymph nodes (pN+). The objective of this study was to assess the treatment patterns and the overall survival (OS) outcomes in men with pN+prostate cancer using the National Cancer Data Base. METHODS Men(More)
One thousand one hundred and sixty three patients (male-852, female-311) with ureteric calculi requiring intervention were treated between April 1988 to July 1992. Four hundred and eleven cases were treated by ESWL Monotherapy, 414 by stone manipulation plus ESWL, 301 by retrograde ureteroscopic lithotripsy, 36 by percutaneous antegrade ureteroscopic(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence suggests that delaying surgical procedures may increase the rate of pathologic complete response (pCR) and that pCR is associated with improved overall survival (OS). In this study, the National Cancer Data Base (NCDB) was analyzed to evaluate this relationship in a large hospital-based registry. METHODS We identified patients(More)