Andrew Tawse-Smith

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The aim of this study was to compare the success rates after 1 and 2 years of conventionally and early loaded pairs of unsplinted ITI implants supporting mandibular overdentures in edentulous patients. Twenty-four participants (age range 55-80 years) were randomly allocated with maximum concealment to two treatment groups. In the first group, the implants(More)
BACKGROUND Maxillary implant overdentures opposing mandibular two-implant overdentures are an underused treatment option for edentulous patients. Fewer implants, simple surgery, and short healing periods may increase patients' acceptance of this treatment concept. PURPOSE To determine implant success, after overdenture loading, of three narrow-diameter(More)
BACKGROUND Step-wise reduction in loading protocols is necessary to evaluate early loading of implants with mandibular overdentures. PURPOSE To compare the success rates of two different dental implant systems following conventional or early loading protocols in patients being rehabilitated with mandibular overdentures. MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty-eight(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to evaluate long-term marginal bone levels for two unsplinted implants supporting mandibular overdentures using conventional and early loading protocols with different implant surfaces and attachment systems. MATERIALS AND METHODS A cohort of 106 edentulous participants (mean age: 65 years) was treated with mandibular(More)
The aim of this narrative review was to critically evaluate in vitro studies assessing the efficacy of lasers in the bacterial decontamination of titanium implant surfaces. The MEDLINE, Web of Knowledge and Embase electronic databases were used to search for articles relating to the use of lasers in the bacterial decontamination of titanium specimen(More)
BACKGROUND Prospective evaluation of the early loading of unsplinted Brånemark implants with mandibular overdentures opposing conventional dentures is not evident in the implant-related literature. PURPOSE To clinically evaluate progressive and early loading of 20 unsplinted conical Brånemark implants in edentulous mandibles with overdentures. MATERIALS(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence-based reports are needed to support the application of a one-stage surgical protocol for unsplinted implants supporting mandibular overdentures. PURPOSE To examine the feasibility and success of using two different dental implant systems (originally designed for two-stage operative technique) using a one-stage operative procedure in(More)
BACKGROUND Before early functional loading of unsplinted implants with mandibular overdentures can become widespread, more clinical studies are needed to investigate the success of the approach. PURPOSE To evaluate the success rates of two types of roughened titanium surface implants with early 2-week functional loading of paired mandibular interforaminal(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the levels of patient satisfaction with either conventional mandibular bilateral distal extension partial dentures or those assisted by bilateral distal implants. MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty-eight participants who were dissatisfied with their existing conventional mandibular distal extension dentures opposing complete maxillary(More)