Andrew Tam

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A cDNA molecule encoding the human GABA transporter was synthesized by means of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique and used as probe for selecting a human genomic DNA fragment encoding GABA transporter. A positive clone harboring the whole gene was obtained from a human lymphocyte genomic library through utilizing the genomic 'walking' technique. The(More)
The thermodynamics of the rapid vaporization of a liquid on a solid surface heated by an excimer laser pulse is studied experimentally. The transient temperature field is measured by monitoring the photothermal reflectance of an embedded thin film in nanosecond time resolution. The transient reflectivity is calibrated by considering a temperature gradient(More)
—A KrF excimer laser projection micromachining tool has been designed and implemented aiming to accomplish one-step etching with micron resolution for applications such as chip module packaging and polyimide technology in semiconductor manufacturing. Two polyimide (Probimide 7020) thin films spun on the silicon wafers are annealed at 100 C and 400 C,(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the high prevalence of chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection in China, HBV infection prevention and long-term care knowledge of health professionals is inadequate. To address this knowledge gap, we developed an open-access evidence-based online training course, "KnowHBV", to train health professionals on prevention of HBV transmission(More)
A major contributor to the scientific reproducibility crisis has been that the results from homogeneous, single-center studies do not generalize to heterogeneous, real world populations. Multi-cohort gene expression analysis has helped to increase reproducibility by aggregating data from diverse populations into a single analysis. To make the multi-cohort(More)
The temperature dependence of the optical properties for amorphous silicon is studied at wavelengths of 632.8 and 752 nm. Both the refractive index and extinction coefficient increase linearly with temperature for 752 nm, while the refractive index decreases and the extinction coefficient increases for 632.8 nm. The rate of increase of the extinction(More)
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