Andrew T. Vaughan

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Remote observations of the asteroid (1) Ceres from ground- and space-based telescopes have provided its approximate density and shape, leading to a range of models for the interior of Ceres, from homogeneous to fully differentiated. A previously missing parameter that can place a strong constraint on the interior of Ceres is its moment of inertia, which(More)
Normal human lymphocytes were exposed to OH. radicals produced indirectly by exposure to H2O2 or directly by gamma irradiation. Using a flow cytometry technique to measure changes in nucleoid size, it was found that generation of OH. in each system produced a characteristic relaxation in nuclear supercoiling. Exposure of cells to H2O2 produced a(More)
WR 1065, 2-[(minopropyl) amino] ethanethiol is an effective scavenger of free radicals. When present during irradiation it reduces cellular DNA damage as analysed by alkaline elution from filters. The same technique indicates that without irradiation, WR 1065 has no effect of DNA integrity. Using nucleoid analysis, where DNA damage is detected at the level(More)
Single cell tumour suspensions were prepared from biopsy and urine samples from 28 patients with muscle invasive transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder. Nuclear extracts (nucleoids) containing intact chromatin were isolated from these cells and the condensation of DNA supercoils measured by the light scattered from individual nucleoids within a flow(More)
Yttrium-90 chelated by the tetraphosphonate EDTMP achieved a high uptake in bone and a rapid clearance from all soft tissues compared with 90Y nitrilotriacetate, citrate and acetate. The biological half-life of 90Y in the bone was greater than 72 h, but the quantity, and therefore dose, could be reduced by 50% using repeated, non-toxic chelation therapy(More)
Treatment of BALB/c mice with radioactive isotopes of the bone-seeking element strontium reduces the percentage of specific NK-cell cytotoxicity to only 2.6%, compared with 13.6% for normal BALB/c and 36.3% for athymic (nude) BALB/c. The syngeneic plasmacytoma NS-1 was used as target in a 4th in vitro NK-cell microassay. Marrow cellularity in treated mice(More)
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