Andrew T. T. McRae

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Firedrake is a new tool for automating the numerical solution of partial differential equations. Firedrake adopts the domain-specific language for the finite element method of the FEniCS project, but with a pure Python runtime-only implementation centered on the composition of several existing and new abstractions for particular aspects of scientific(More)
We describe and implement a symbolic algebra for scalar and vector-valued finite elements, enabling the computer generation of elements with tensor product structure on quadrilateral, hexahedral and triangular prismatic cells. The algebra is implemented as an extension to the domain-specific language UFL, the Unified Form Language. This allows users to(More)
We present a generic algorithm for numbering and then efficiently iterating over the data values attached to an extruded mesh. An extruded mesh is formed by replicating an existing mesh, assumed to be unstructured, to form layers of pris-matic cells. Applications of extruded meshes include, but are not limited to, the representation of 3D high aspect ratio(More)
Reparative procedures have become the mainstay of mitral valve surgery, increasing to 70% of all isolated mitral valve operations in North America in recent years (1). As compared to prosthetic replacement, valve repair is associated with a lower operative mortality , better durability, and improved long-term survival (2-5). Upon examining simultaneous(More)
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