Andrew T. Ho

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Inactivation of the tumor suppressor Rb in the mouse induces cell death, which depends entirely (in lens, CNS) and only partly (PNS, skeletal muscles) on Apaf1/Ced4, an apoptosomal factor thought to be required for processing procaspase-9 following mitochondrial permeabilization. Here, we report that in response to cytotoxic drugs, Apaf1(-/-) primary(More)
Our aim is to develop a watermarking method for formatted text documents that is robust to printing and scanning , but with a greater capacity than has previously been achieved. Our end goal is to develop a system with sufficient capacity to embed a simple authenticating watermark. Our method is based on our previous technique of multi-set embedding but now(More)
To test if proteolysis is involved in tumor cell extravasation, we developed an in vitro model where tumor cells cross an endothelial monolayer cultured on a basement membrane. Using this model we classified the ability of the cells to transmigrate through the endothelial cell barrier onto the underlying matrix, and scored this invasion according to the(More)
The tumor suppressor Rb is thought to control cell proliferation, survival and differentiation. We recently showed that differentiating Rb-deficient mouse myoblasts can fuse to form short myotubes that quickly collapse through a mechanism involving autophagy, and that autophagy inhibitors or hypoxia could rescue the defect leading to long, twitching(More)
A hybrid encryption and decryption technique for optical information security is proposed. In this method, the iterative Fourier transform algorithm is employed to optimize the encrypted hologram and the decryption key as binary phase-only diffractive optical elements, which were fabricated by electron-beam lithography. In a simple optical setup, the(More)
This paper focuses on the development and novel application of data mining techniques for convoy analysis of vehicles based on the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system. The amount of ANPR data captured daily by traffic cameras in the road networks is very substantial. Data mining techniques are commonly used to extract relevant information and(More)
In this paper we propose a multi-set modulation technique to increase the hiding capacity within a binary document image. As part of this technique we propose an Automatic Threshold Calculation and Threshold Buffering, Shifted Space Distribution and Letter Space Compensation technique. The Automatic Threshold Calculation is used to distinguish word spaces(More)
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