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In this paper we describe an evaluation of behavioral descriptors generated from an analysis of a large collection of Usenet newsgroup messages. The metrics describe aspects of newsgroup authors' behavior over time; such information can aid in filtering, sorting, and recommending content from public discussion spaces like newsgroups. To assess the value of(More)
Conductive Chat is an instant messaging client which incorporates users' fluctuating skin conductivity levels into the dialogue interface. By including an indication of users' emotional arousal within a text chat interaction, Conductive Chat augments the written communication with situated affective content. We hypothesize that this additional contextual(More)
Psychologists have found that actual and perceived similarity between potential romantic partners in demographics, attitudes, values, and attractiveness correlate positively with attraction and, later, relationship satisfaction. Online dating systems provide a new way for users to identify and communicate with potential partners, but the information they(More)
Online personal advertisements have recently become an easy, socially acceptable way to meet partners for dates or relationships. Because popular personals systems not only reflect but also have the potential to reshape how people attract one another, date, and fall in love, the design of these systems merits careful consideration. We present a survey of(More)
Online dating systems play a prominent role in the social lives of millions of their users, but little research has considered how users perceive one another through their personal profiles. We examined how users perceive attractiveness in online dating profiles, which provide their first exposure to a potential partner. Participants rated whole profiles(More)
Research suggests that social network sites can support social capital exchanges, which are often triggered by requests for assistance, such as seeking recommendations or asking for favors. Responsiveness to these requests for help is important to study because these interactions have the potential to affect users' overall satisfaction with the experience(More)
In this analysis of profiles and messaging behavior on a major online dating service, we find that, consistent with predictions of evolutionary psychology, women as compared to men state more restrictive preferences for their ideal date. Furthermore, women contact and reply to others more selectively than men. Additionally, we identify connections among(More)
Past research suggests Facebook use is linked to perceptions of social capital, a concept that taps into the resources people gain from interactions with their social network. In this study, we examine a sample of public Facebook status updates (N=20,000) for instances in which users request a response from their network. These attempts to mobilize(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o Available online xxxx A considerable body of research indicates that social support plays an integral role in determining students' successful adjustment to college. Unlike previous research that has evaluated face-to-face support interventions that occur during students' first semester at college, the current study reports on a(More)