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The variance of returns to investment trust shareholders may be split into three components-variance of net asset value (NAV) returns, variance of discount returns and twice the covariance between NAV returns and discount returns. Using historical data, the relative importance of each of these components is estimated for different return intervals,(More)
A cell line, ROSE 199, derived from rat ovarian surface epithelium (ROSE) formed papillary structures which resembled, histologically, serous papillary cystadenomas of borderline malignancy seen in the human ovary. Crowded cultures produced two layers of cells separated by a thick layer of collagen fibers. Such cultures shed viable cells into the growth(More)
Autoradiographic evidence presented that the cultured rat ovarian surface epithelium exhibits estrogen receptor-like activity. Two autoradiographic techniques were used; one involved live cells that were labeled and freeze-dried, and the other the labeling of ethanol-fixed cells. Autoradiograms were prepared by dipping cells grown on plastic cover slips in(More)
A quantitative assessment was made of the heterogeneity of estrogen binding among histologically distinct regions and among nuclei within histologically uniform regions in ten human breast tumors. An autoradiographic method was used that employed sections from fixed tissues and required exposure times of one to two weeks. Grain counting of autoradiograms(More)
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