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Within and Beyond Communities of Practice: Making Sense of Learning Through Participation, Identity and Practice
Situated learning theory offers a radical critique of cognitivist theories of learning, emphasizing the relational aspects of learning within communities of practice in contrast to the individualist
The Consultancy Process — An Insecure Business?
This paper examines the practices and perceptions of management consultants and their clients. The existing literature, which emphasizes managerial anxiety in accounting for the persistent use of
Between Innovation and Legitimation— Boundaries and Knowledge Flow in Management Consultancy
Management consultancy is seen by many as a key agent in the adoption of new management ideas and practices in organizations. Two contrasting views are dominant—consultants as innovators, bringing
The Adoption of Management Ideas and Practices
The adoption of new management ideas and practices has become an important and substantial area of study and debate within organizational studies, often under the label of management fads. However,
Guess who's coming to dinner? Structures and uses of liminality in strategic management consultancy
Organizational studies have recently drawn our attention to the importance of liminality in our working lives. This transitional timespace is characteristic of precarious or mobile employment such as
‘Being yourself ’ in the electronic sweatshop: New forms of normative control
This article extends research about high-commitment management practices in tightly controlled work environments typified by the call centre. One promising research avenue suggests that normative
“Just be yourself!”: Towards neo‐normative control in organisations?
Purpose – The paper seeks to explore the nature and employee experience of an emergent approach to managing employees which emphasises “being yourself” through the expression of fun, individuality
Knowing the Unknowable? A Discussion of Methodological and Theoretical Issues in Emotion Research and Organizational Studies
Emotion is only just beginning to be incorporated into organizational studies and relatively little attention has been given to methodological and related theoretical issues. These present
Management Consultancy: Boundaries and Knowledge in Action
Management consultants are typically seen as key mediators in the flow of management ideas. And yet little is known about exactly what happens when they work together with clients, behind closed