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Experimental characterization of interior permanent magnet (IPM) synchronous machines experiencing winding short-circuit faults is necessary in developing diagnostics indices to be used in detecting short-circuit winding faults. Known fault indices include the current spectrum analysis, the negative-sequence components method, and the space-vector based(More)
Permanent magnet synchronous machines (PMSM) have been widely used in various applications due to their characteristics of high power density, high efficiency, and high torque to current ratio. However, PMSMs are not immune to electrical faults, which requires an efficient and reliable condition monitoring method to avoid downtime or even catastrophic(More)
Electric motors driven by pulse-width modulated (PWM) waveforms exhibit different power loss and heating characteristics than line-fed motors. Experimental results indicate that motor losses and heating increase as the drive switching frequency decreases. Motor power losses for low switching frequencies are described, and if the increase in motor power loss(More)
Steady-state motor efficiency control has been shown to provide significant motor loss savings and efficiency improvement. Including adjustable speed drive inverter losses into the steady-state motor control optimization is also of interest. What is shown here is the effect that these two efficiency improvement schemes have on the distribution of losses(More)
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